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Alessia Cara live at melty

Alessia Cara

  • hb

  • do we just send questions

  • whats your favorite candy?

  • do you wright poems?

  • if so how many have you wrote?

  • what's the funniest thing that has happened to you in a concert etc.

  • what type of coffee do you like?

  • whats your favorite colour?

  • what movie genre do you like best?

  • have you watched deadpool?

  • if you could ban one food from existence what food would it be?

  • do you ever feel personally victimized by us when you log onto twitter?

  • whats one food that you cant live without?

  • what colour balloons do you like best?

  • whats the weirdest thing thats happened to you in the last year

  • what ios one food you never go without on a daily basis?

  • do you remember that messy video i sent you last night

  • how long does it take to straighten your hair

  • +lilychozick what video was that? was it on twitter.

  • yeah

  • k

  • )

  • :)

  • whst are your views on nose piercings and have you ever considered getting one

  • are there anymore tattoos that you want

  • what was the best birthday present you have been given, not the biggest one but the best.

  • how many times have you fallen down the stairs. LOL

  • whats your favorite icecream?

  • Love you Alessia. x

  • 1 hour and 26 minutes! I'm so excited to see you Alessia!


  • favourite troye sivan song

  • If you could be any celebrity for a day who would it be and why. Love from Spain! — Jeff. x

  • favourite troye sivan song?

  • is there going to be a 3rd single from know-it-all?

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The livestream is now over.