American Horror Story: Angela Bassett says Hotel is "probably the most horrific" season so far

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American Horror Story has had two weeks to brew and a few new killers to introduce. This week's Episode 3 will bring Angela Bassett's Ramona Royale to Cortez, with the actress calling Hotel "probably the most horrific season so far"!

Things have gotten real on American Horror Story Season 5! Just last week we found out the identity of the Hotel's founder and original owner, Mr. James Patrick March, who's character is based mainly on the strange case of the real life serial killer H.H. Holmes. And with that Cortez spiraled even more out of control, making American Horror Story one of the top rated shows of the week. The intensity promises to mount as we look beyond the walls of the Countess' jealously guarded fortress after Matt Bomer's Donovan hit the streets, being spurned from Lady Gaga's favor by the upstart runway model Tristan, played by Finn Witrock. Once out, Donavan will meet Ramona Royale, the Countess' queenly ex-lover who once also called the Cortez her throne. Set to debut the role on Wednesday night's Episode 3, "Mommy," Angela Bassett recently opened up about her character and why this season stands as "probably the most horrific thus far."

"Ramona is an actress - she was an actress, rather," Bassett explained to TV Guide. "She came out of the business because she went into a long-standing, fulfilling relationship with The Countess... Until then she absolutely saw herself as a heterosexual woman, but she's become more fluid." Once cast out, she embarks on a vengeful mission to find herself back in the Countess' favor - or die trying, enlisting Donavan, Lady Gaga's most recent spurned lover "to find The Countess' vulnerable spot," Bassett teased. "Donovan has been loved and discarded the same way Ramona has," the actress revealed. "Where it's going, I don't know, because he's still very fresh." Equally fresh are the prurient heights Ryan Murphy's latest exploration of the American psyche is willing to go. And for Bassett, who admits: "I'm not one to love horror," Season 5 is one of the most unyielding yet. "It's dark, dangerous, depraved, very grown up and sexual, sensual, in your face, unapologetic. The other night I literally covered my eyes a couple times... this one I think is unrelenting, in your face. It's probably the most horrific thus far." What do you think is the scariest season of AHS?

Source: TV Guide