American Horror Story: Lady Gaga to return in Season 6?

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Before American Horror Story's huge premiere even dropped on FX, creator Ryan Murphy was already petitioning Season 5's major draw Lady Gaga to come back to the Hotel for Season 6. We're willing to bet she'll say yes to this bad romance

Does it feel like it's really happening or is this some kind of living nightmare where Lady Gaga is actually the star of American Horror Story. Ouch! Okay, that pinching thing actually works. Well, there you have it, we're on the day when AHS's Season 5, "Hotel," is set to take its big bow. Not to take anything away from the show's fine ensemble cast, but this year's major draw is definitely Lady G. And if there's one thing we know about Mother Monster, it's that she knows where to find her kindred spirits. At the recent AHS Season 5 premiere in LA, Lady Gaga bragged to reporters that she'd found her soulmate. And it wasn't new fiancé Taylor Kinnay who she's been showing around the circuits lately. "What I look for in people is passion," she told reporters about her time on AHS from the red carpet. "I'm just really happy to be a part of it: I like being a part of someone else's vision."

So although she hasn't responded (she's presumably waiting to see how Season 5 pans out), Lady Gaga is most likely to say yes to Ryan Murphy's online proposition to cast her in the next outing for FX's horror franchise series. Without much scruple for public image, Murphy took to twitter last night to publicly beg Gaga to "Say yes!" to becoming part of American Horror Story Season 6, even though the first look trailer inside Season 5's Hotel was released only a couple days ago. This adds more fuel to suspicions that Murphy may have discovered in Gaga a replacement to longtime series leading lady Jessica Lange after her departure following last season. With Season 4's Freak Show ranked as the most-watched telecast in FX history, along with the sure-fire success of Season 5, outlines are already being sketched for a prospective sixth season. "The next thing we’re crafting up is very, very different," Murphy told Entertainment Weekly. "Not smaller. But just not opulent. More rogue and more dark." Will you be tuning in tonight for American Horror Story, Hotel?

Source: Entertainment Weekly / Twitter: @MrRPMurphy