American Horror Story Season 5: Caitlyn Jenner to join cast?

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American Horror Story is as much about its parade of big names and Hollywood up-and-comers as it is about scaring the bejesus out of its loyal viewers. That said, recent reports that show creator Ryan Murphy may be out to nab the newly popular Caitlyn Jenner take things to a whole new level

It didn't take long after Caitlyn Jenner's transition for people to point out the striking resemblance between the new Jenner and the old Jessica Lange, the perennial American Horror Story star who decided to part ways with the FX show after last season's hugely popular Freak Show. Lange's absence leaves big shoes to be filled, which not even Lady Gaga could sing her way into when American Horror Story Season 5 debuts in October. Only someone with real pop-culture currency would be right for the role, someone who could get people talking, someone, say, recently featured on the front cover of Vogue. Don't worry, series bigwig Ryan Murphy's way ahead of ya'.

Speaking to HollywoodLife, Murphy apparently is all about the former decathlon champion and all-American hero starring in this or subsequent iterations of AHS. "I'm a big fan of Caitlyn's," Murphy assured the site, adding: "I thought the comparisons [to Lange] became instantly like a compliment as opposed to a detriment. I love that." About Lange's positive response to that comparison, Murphy was all smiles for his former star. "I thought Jessica handled that in such a great, classy way." So, will Jenner go the way of Emma Roberts, who is returning to Season 5 of American Horror Story? There's only one question left to ask. "Maybe I’ll put Caitlyn on Horror Story... You never know. I wonder if she would act? ” Have you ever even seen Keeping Up with the Kardishians, Ryan? Do you think Caitlyn Jenner could replace Jessica Lange on American Horror Story?

Source: HollywoodLife