American Horror Story Season 5: Denis O'Hare on playing Liz Taylor

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An American Horror Story Season 5 giant has just hissed like a cat on a hot tin roof that suddenly, last summer, he had found a place in the sun when Hotel elephant walks onto FX this fall. Who's afraid of Liz Taylor? Certainly not Denis O'Hare

When American Horror Story Season 5 returns to FX on October 7, the roster of camp-thriller thespians will occupy a whole new setting under viciously new disguises. As we all know, there'll also be a couple of new faces to keep us happily checked into this season's Hotel. And one of them, Lady Gaga, just threw a mega party for the entire cast of AHS, fully-stocked with a blood-dyed swimming pool. The veteran cast members, of course, are used to changing faces and characters with each passing season, and one of the most protean among them, Denis O'Hare, recently came out to give us the goods on his 'iconic' new character, a measely Hotel attendant named Liz Taylor.

"Liz Taylor is Liz Taylor," O'Hare emphasizes in a sit-down chat with TV Guide. "Liz Taylor is," he adds with a dramatic flourish of his hands. Liz Taylor is, in fact, the Elizabeth Taylor obsessed employee of Hotel who, presumably under the aegis of Gaga's Countess Elizabeth, does all the menial work around the office. "I bartend, I change lightbulbs, I do the reception desk, I clean up mess, whatever that means." O'Hare also revealed that he works closely with Kathy Bates' vindictive character Iris, so we may reasonably expect Liz Taylor to channel some of the instability of the real life Elizabeth's later years, forming part of the unsettlingly demonic staff of this year's Hotel. Here's what the rest of the cast had to say about Lady Gaga's casting for American Horror Story Season 5. Are you excited about this season's AHS cast?

Source: TV Guide / YouTube: @FXNetworks