American Horror Story Season 5: Denis O'Hare's Liz Taylor opens Hotel Cortez

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Hotel Cortez is officially open for business. And by the looks of it, it costs a lot to get maimed, tortured and killed. Denis O'Hare gives us an early look into American Horror Story Season 5, and with Lady Gaga, Liz Taylor and the rest of the gang on the premises, rooms are filling up fast!

We're a month out from one of the biggest openings of American Horror Story to date. And this time the tents won't so much be coming down so much as the grand arch doors opening up to Season 5's Hotel, Gaga-style. Just last week, 11 first look photos of American Horor Story Season 5 were revealed to the public. Yet the tightly controlled hotel staff won't be kept from having a little fun of their own. The troupe's eccentric Denis O'Hare just gave us a look at the going rates of some of the set's premium suites. With nails polished gold, matching bracelets and some healthy leg hair to boot, Denis O'Hare-cum-Liz Taylor once you to book your next vacation at the Hotel Cortez.

In a recent chat with Xfinity, O'Hare opened up on his role in the Countess's happy little inn. "I work in the bar, which is fantastic. It’s called The Blue Parrot Lounge. It’s an extraordinary part of our set and we even have our own homemade coasters that have the Hotel Cortez emblem on them. They’re gorgeous and I’ve already stolen two.” Looks like cast and crew are getting along just fine without Jesse Lange, which may be why she's eager to make a return to the troupe, according to Ryan Murphy. American Horror Story is set to return to FX on October 7, where we'll hopefully get a look at those fine thighs of his. "Many parts of my body are shaved," he tells Xfinity. Apparently not everything. What's been your favourite season of AHS so far?

Source: Twitter: @denisohare / Xfinity