American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 1 crucial scene revealed

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It's official. Less than a week to go before the premiere of American Horror Story Season 5 on FX and a crucial Episode 1 scene has been revealed featuring Max Greenfield and Wes Bentley. No Lady Gaga or her Countess Elizabeth in sight we're afraid

Last night's Scream Queens brought in more viewers than previous weeks, so it was probably the best time to air the first authentic clip from Ryan Murphy's other, shall we say, pet project. With a hugely anticipated premiere date, American Horror Story Season 5 is finally opening its doors after many behind the scenes looks inside 'Hotel' and the creepy urchin that lurk therein. Although brief, this crucial 20-second clip sets up the potential tension between Max Greenfield's Gabriel and the detective John Lowell, played by Wes Bentley. Although the Countess didn't make the cut this time, Lady Gaga is always in the heights in the background somewhere.

The scene finds detective Bentley lying on a bed in the Hotel's infamous room 64, where the office of Hotel Cortez founder and charismatic serial killer James March was located. Now it is the room to avoid, and if this clip does anything, it proves just that. As the camera pans down the side of the bed against the backdrop of screeching industrial sounds we discover Gabriel at some advanced stage of zone-out. Just before we cut to the title sequence, Gabriel wakes up screaming, perhaps sensing the detective's presence or goaded telekinetically by the Countess herself. We guess we'll have to wait another week for the punchline when Episode 1 ("Checking In") airs on Wednesday, October 7. Already reserved your place?

Source: YouTube: @sengocar299