American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 3, Ryan Murphy teases "Mommy"

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American Horror Story Season 5 has made huge gory strides, which puts anticipation for tonight's Episode 3 at an all-time high. Show creator Ryan Murphy duly teased Hotel and revealed tonight's "Mommy"

Besides being one of the goriest, in the span of just two episodes American Horror Story has also managed to become one of the most controversial TV series in the current running. Besides Season 5 consistently ranking among the top rated shows of the week, it has also upset conservative lobby groups like Parents Television Council over Hotel's "unbelievably explicit combination of sex and violence." Be that as it may, fans having been flocking like vultures to catch the campy-horror that spews out of Ryan Murphy's pop mind like a glitter-spangled open wound. And to give us a taste of what to expect on tomorrow night's revelatory third episode, "Mommy," Murphy sat down with Entertainment Weekly, giving the gore on all of Hotel Cortez's denizens, past and present; living and undead.

Tonight's episode will be "about the introduction of Ramona Royale," Murphy teased of the spurned ex-lover of Lady Gaga's Countess who will join forces with her most recent disposal to get her piece from the immortal blood queen. According to Murphy, Matt Bomer's Donovan is adrift. "In Episode 3, he meets somebody else who has also been hurt badly by The Countess, which is Angela Bassett’s character Ramona Royale. So they team up and are quite good together", adding that "it’s all mayhem and bloodshed and revenge." As for the Countess herself, last week's episode gave us some huge clues (although they could just as easily be red-herrings) that Lady Gaga was the original Hotel owner's wife from whom, after his suicide, inherited all his millions, including the grand ol' Cortez. "She does have a very strong connection to him," Murphy shared, "that is also revealed starting in Episodes 3, 4, and 5." Could that mean she'll be the eponymous Mommy of Episode 3? Murphy did say it will "also about the Iris-Donovan-Sally story, which takes even new dimension," as well. What are your theories on the past identities of the Countess owner of Hotel Cortez?

Source: Entertainment Weekly