American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 4, meet the real life serial killers in "Devil's Night" promo

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Everyone knows what it means when you put the words Halloween and American Horror Story together! But the Season 5 special of the FX show promises a special feast as Episode 4, "Devil's Night," introduces these very real life serial killers into its fictional Hotel

More than ever before, American Horror Story's fifth season has blurred the boundaries between fantasy and reality. The Hotel Cortez owes more to the strange case of its real life predecessor than any conjuring Ryan Murphy's pop-mind could reckon. And as Hotel's killings become more deliriously sinister, the only precedents for the cannily specific murders are to be found, not in the literary and cinematic ancestry American Horror Story wears so proudly on its sleeve, but in the strange cases of real life serial killers the likes of Mr. Holmes. And now, with its famous Halloween two-parter just over the horizon, a new promo trailer for Episode 4, "Devil's Night," brings some of the deviant murderers lying under Season 5's subconscious to light. Killer clowns, necrophiliacs, and your average wholesale sadist, let us make your introduction to some of the reprobate personalities signing on to American Horror Story this Wednesday night. Sleep tight.

While we already knew Lily Rabe had been cast in a special guest role as real life "Monster" murderer Aileen Wuornos who, in 1990, was convicted of the murders of seven male clients during her time as a sex worker in Florida, the other serial killers who show up as Mr. March's dinner guests alongside detective John Lowe in the above clip come from a much more ominous pedigree. Evan Peters' James Patrick March counts among his "greatest killers of our time" Jeffrey Dahmer, seen at 0:10 in the promo, known as the Milwaukee Cannibal who, over the course of 13 years, systematically lured attractive men and youths to his apartment in Wisconsin, murdered, sodomized and purified parts of their skeletons as home decor and brunch.

At 0:12 the funny looking guy in clown make-up and a working class shirt is the one and only John Wayne Gacy, aka The Killer Clown, who, along with leading a humble suburban life in Chicago with a family and kids, was a serial pedophile and eventually strangled and dispatched the bodies of over 30 youths in the crawl space of his blue-collar home. Although it isn't clear whether he's been formally invited to the Devil's Night dinner party, at 0:13 we see the distinct counterpart of Richard "Night Stalker" Ramirez, the LA hobby killer who used his $14-a-night room at the Cecil Hotel as his personal headquarters for a string of burglaries, robberies, rapes and mutilations perpetrated with cool detachment on his random victims. Who's excited for "Devil's Night"?

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