American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 6 review, Lady Gaga's animal comes out of hiding

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With American Horror Story dragging its feet lately, Episode 6 came to life with a tightly spun plot that sheared off the fat of previous weeks. Lady Gaga also had more agency than we've ever seen before as we watched her secret animal in Room 33 come out of hiding

While American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 5 got itself mixed up with The Walking Dead, the latest outing cut off the dead weight, tightened its various plot lines like a Liz Taylor corset and got something resembling a plot moving forward for a change. But that's always the problem with a show of this scope. It can't lend weight to any one story arc without thinning the others out. It's been a good three weeks since we've learned anything new about the Hotel's infamous founder and possibly the most compelling character, Mr. James Patrick March. And what of the Walking Dead children that reigned such mayhem over Episode 5? Did everyone in LA just happen to forget that an entire school was put under seige and there's now a horde of bloodthirsty ragamuffins on the loose? Wait sorry, that's Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead. But AHS Episode 6 mercifully shifted the focus to the Lowe family's turmoil, now that detective John's wife Alex is fully under the Countess' aegis and the forces of the Hotel are conspiring to lay the detective's psychology to waste.

And what of Lady Gaga's Countess, who finally looks like she's alive on the screen even though she was born in 1904? Murphy and Co. actually decided to put some beef into the character last week, despite the singer insisting on delivering her lines with that blankly coquettish smile that reminds everyone of Jerry Seinfeld. Denis O'Hare's Liz Taylor and Tristan have apparently been conducting a love affair off screen which we mere viewers have not been privy to. And when the lovers approach the blank-faced countess for her blessing she graciously relinquishes the ex-super model to the older debutante by slicing the former's throat and proclaiming in her unemotive voice, "He's yours... bury him." Besides Ramona Royale and Donovan, it looks like Gaga has scored another enemy in her Hotel in the form of the mild mannered Liz. And speaking of purpose, the Countess' raison d'etre for the whole season may finally have been revealed, and it has something to do with an abortive gremlin hiding out in the eponymous Room 33 which she calls a son. Also, where the hell was Hypodermic Sally? Do you like AHS Season 5 more for its plot or all the other bizarre stuff happening around it?

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