American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 6 trailer reveals "Room 33"

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With Episode 6 of American Horror Story Season 5 coming up, the children are out to play in Hotel. John Lowe struggles to come to terms with his living son in "Room 33" and see what all the kids are screaming about in the reveal trailer below

Last week's American Horror Story: Episode 5 was a rambunctious, barely managed episode that threw in elements of The Shining and confused itself with The Walking Dead. This week we hope things will hone in on the one or two plotlines we're really interested in and drop the campy baggage, like last week's star-crossed hipster couple who could only have existed in Ryan Murphy's pop-chic mind. This week's episode, rather, looks at the children populating Lady Gaga's blood hive, and hopefully will give us an idea why she needs her zombie children to survive and give her the purest human-grade hemoglobin this side of Nosferatu. According to spoiler TV's plot synopsis, this week sees "Ramona and Donovan enact their plan for revenge. Liz Taylor finds true love. The resident of Room 33 is revealed."

With Lady Gaga's American Horror Story faltering a week ago, the Episode 6 teaser trailer above promises to pick up the pace by blurring the lines between the supernatural and psychosis while Donovan and Romona Royale take the Cortez. But you can be sure Gaga's Countess remains behind the scenes pulling the strings, and no one will make it too far into Hotel without her knowing. Check out these Episode 6 promo photos that hint the blue-period tones that will define the upcoming instalment. There's no sign of Evan Peters' Mr. March in the trailer, but let's hope he gets more significant exposure than he did last week! Been keeping up with American Horror Story Season 5? How's that breakdown going?

Source: FX