American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 7 promo teases the guts of the Hotel Cortez

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Interesting things are starting to happen as American Horror Story tightens its story lines and keeps things within the Hotel Cortez. Now the new Episode 7 trailer teases the guts of the building that is the true central character in Season 5. See more below!

Last week's American Horror Story offered a small glimpse into Lady Gaga's secret that she's been harbouring in Room 33 all season long. And last week's Episode 6 brought that animal out of hiding. As we get deeper into the brick and mortar of Season 5, the Hotel Cortez has been coming alive in unancipated ways. While some of the characters, like the masked drill rapist in the first episode, kind of passed into the oblivion of AHS lore, new monsters have risen to take their place. Last week we saw the unexpected return of the pair of Swedish tourists from the first two episodes, now eternally undead and wreaking havoc on the Cortez's unassuming guests. With the new teaser trailer for Wednesday night now out, we get to meet some of the undead behind the walls as outsiders dig deeper into the secrets of Hotel.

Apparently those two welders in the teaser clip above didn't listen to us when we told them not to make these 5 American Horror Story mistakes. Neither did detective John Lowe, who continues to insist on finding his Ten Commandments killer in Lady Gaga's Hotel. Meanwhile, The Countess herself joins some kind of freakish cult which may be a continuation of the flashback narrative begun last season as we finally see how she came to acquire the blood sucking virus that's at the heart of this season. According the official synopsis: "Will Drake's renovations uncover one of the hotel's greatest secrets, John undergoes psychiatric evaluation," while Lady Gaga's The Countess "learns the fate of her first love." Will you also make the mistake of checking into this week's Hotel?

Source: FX