American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 8 recap, John rises

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This is what American Horror Story Season 5 has been building up to. Last night's Episode 8 unmasked the Ten Commandments Killer but showed the masterpiece has yet to be complete. Here's how it all went down

Everything enticing about American Horror Story was distilled in last night's Episode 8, "Ten Commandments Killer," and it seems like it was all building up to this moment. We've always argued that Hotel is at its best when it sheds its excess baggage and does away with set piece killings in favour of story development. Last night's episode did just that, focusing more than 8 weeks of mostly scattered plots onto the psyche of John Lowe, revealing him to be the secret driving force behind everything that's been going on within and around the Hotel Cortez. Oh yeah, and he's also the Ten Commandments Killer. No sign of Ramona Royale and her nonsensical bid to overthrow the Countess, nor that urchin that passed off as Lady Gaga's baby back in Episode 6. Even Rudy Valentino was put back in his crypt for the sake of better storytelling. Episode 8 played only to the season's strengths, and its no wonder John Lowe and James Patrick March were at the centre.

So here's what we know so far. Detective John Lowe is the creation of James Patrick March, the founder and murderous owner of the Hotel Cortez who still haunts its passages. Mr. March raised some of society's most malevolent murderers. Think back to Episode 4, when we met adaptations of real-life serial killers Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy, among others. But none of these quite match the vision for bloody chaos March saw festering inside Detective Lowe. So it was the latter who was destined to complete the sanguine masterpiece March had undertaken 90 years earlier, before being unceremoniously dispatched by (more than likely) his infelicitous wife at the time, none other than Lady Gaga's the Countess. In a fantastic relay of flashbacks, dream visions, present revelations the merciless stabbing of his former partner, last night's AHS brought the entire story around in a tightly knit package that has the viewer keeping to the episode's steady rhythm as the entire season unwinds before our eyes. Will this help bring the FX series out of its ratings slump? Let us know what you think here.

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