American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 8 trailer reveals answers

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The Ten Commandments killer is coming to American Horror Story. And with the Thanksgiving break, tensions are even higher at the Hotel Cortez as Season 5 draws to a close and our burning questions are revealed just behind the door. Check out the the Episode 8 teaser trailer below!

With all the criss-crossing storylines and non-essential asides, does narrative even matter anymore? The creators of American Horror Story have already made it clear that they care more for style than substance, and all the power to them. Contemporary television has so much of a story bias which keeps us swinging from cliffhanger to cliffhanger like a character from the Jungle Book character that we don't get enough time to stop and consider whether a particular staging, shot, line of dialogue or acting gesture was plain good. And admittedly a lot about American Horror Story's fifth flirtation with death and disembowelment is not. But at least Ryan Murphy and Co. have used the tabula rasa FX has provided to experiment with the boundaries of TV narratology. And even though Lady Gaga hasn't managed to get everyone in Hotel to love her, it still makes for an interesting roller-coaster ride with all the accompanying highs and lows.

Even with a title like "Ten Commandments Killer," Episode 8 is probably less about the nominal murderer behind American Horror Story Season 5 than about the effects, fashion, look and style that the Hotel Cortez has become. And let's be honest, one more character could die, and another brought to life and none of that would matter, so little have show creators respected the laws of good storytelling. So why do audiences keep hanging on, even as ratings drop from one week to the next? One answer is style, as this season has more going for it in the looks department than in anything any of the characters actually do or say. And from Liz Taylor, the Countess herself to the shamefully scarse James March, all form part of the immortal blood virus, which you might be worthy of too. About ten inches of fat could be stripped off of Season 5 of American Horror Story, and the story would only be the better off. But narrative was never what we checked in for, now was it?

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  • This is another article written by someone who obviously hasn't been paying attention to this season.
  • I actually love 5his one. But then again....I love them all. Lady Gaga is brilliant 5 stars