American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 9 recap, Lady Gaga's Countess gets "revenge"

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After last week's American Horror Story went microcosm on John Lowe, Episode 9 widened its scope to pick up some of the loose strands from previous weeks. But did Lady Gaga's the Countess get revenge on the Hotel guests or just the audience for sticking around this long

This week's American Horror Stoy Season 5: Episode 9 was an interesting concoction of random story bits, porn sets, wedding ceremonies and inexplicable reunions. Remember when we lamented that the Rudolph Valentino storyline had been lost amid the clutter of frayed story arcs and plot deadends? Well this week Finn Wittrock's Valentino was back with his indefatigably comical Italian accent, but only long enough for the Countess to repledge her undying devotion in the best Gloria Swanson imitation she could muster in a motel off Sunset Boulevard. And the Walking Dead horde of infected urchins reared their heads this week for about a microsecond. Just long enough to remind us that that part of the story happened and writers had done little to advance the plot in about, let's see here... five weeks! Well if Lady Gaga wants revenge, she gets revenge. Actually, she gets about whatever she wants since agreeing to fill the Jessica Lange-size gap in the AHS troop, which hasn't exactly been the ratings panacea Ryan Murphy had hoped.

And it's a shame, since Wes Bentley's John Lowe rose to such heights in Episode 8, bringing the rest of American Horror Story up with him. But if you thought show creators had finally learned to keep it minimal and focus on one person's supernatural issues at a time, this week they went the opposite route, puffing out the entire hour with gratuity and adding precious little to last week's forward momentum. John Lowe didn't even show up for Mother Monster's sake, and the Ten Commandment's Killer wasn't once alluded to. What happened was an anticlimactic marriage ceremony and a revenge plot gone awry. Evan Peters' Mr. March is always a happy respite from Lady Gaga's stiff Countess, but it was too little in this meandering episode that proves more than ever Ryan Murphy never learned not to take more than he could eat at dinner time. Episode 9, "She Wants Revenge," left us full without feeling nourished. And just look at all the leftovers we have to scrape in the bin! Did you enjoy this week's American Horror Story?

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