American Horror Story Season 5: Episode 9 trailer, Lady Gaga "wants revenge"

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After a tense eighth episode, this week's American Horror Story Season 5 promises a fresh look at the monsters in Lady Gaga's water closet. But who exactly "wants revenge"? The clues are in the Episode 9 teaser trailer below!

Last week's American Horror Story: Episode 8 broke new ground, pulling back the cover on Wes Bentley's Detective John Lowe as the Ten Commandments Killer. But with two murders left to complete the Ten Commandments opus, this week's Episode, "She Wants Revenge," promises to up the intensity score to 11! That is, of course, if the episode stays focused and doesn't stray too much into the Lady Gaga-fawning territory that may be blamed for Hotel's ratings slump. Besides legions of fans swearing unqualified allegiance to anything Lady Gaga's Countess says or does, the show has been receiving increasing critical flack for relying too much on Lady Gaga's off-screen persona and not enough on developing a rigorous, believable character in the Countess. That's why last week's episode was such a breath of fresh air, giving one of this season's strongest performers, Evan Peters, time and space to strut magnificently in his Mr. March clothes. Too bad we don't see much of him in this new episode trailer.

Donovan and Ramona Royale are back after weeks without any forward momentum in Countess-killing enterprise. As though picking up on a lost thought, American Horror Story has thought fit to bring the plot back around on this conniving pair, as though it didn't already have enough to deal with in John Lowe's mania, Alex Lowe unquestioning devotion to the Countess, the gremlin called Bartholomew in Room 33 and a horde of The Walking Dead children now wreaking terror on Los Angeles. And by the way, who the hell's taking care of Scarlett? So the Countess has decided to go through with her plans of marrying the rich and gay Will Drake (another character we'd almost forgotten existed) and so, whatever Ramona and Donovan are scheming, they'd better get it done this Wednesday night. Judging from the above clip, Episode 9 looks to be a Gaga-focused foray, with shots of Peters' James March being slapped upside the face and Will Drake wondering like a lost soul in one of the Hotel's dead-end corridors. It'll also be the dead end of Lady Gaga if AHS knows what's good for it. Should the Countess get killed off?

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