American Horror Story Season 5, first look trailer inside the Hotel

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With tomorrow's monumental premiere of American Horror Story Season 5, FX has just released its first look trailer at Hotel. As Kathy Bates says: "That room's vacant." But come tomorrow night, not for long!

All the press, publicity, spoilers and reveals have led to this moment. Now there's nothing to do but to get the bejeezus chilled off your back in what is expected to be the creepiest installment of FX's American Horror Story to date. And for this round, show creator Ryan Murphy seems to have found his soulmate, as Lady Gaga teased from the AHS red carpet over the weekend. Lady Gaga's Countess Owner of 'Hotel' Cortez will be backed by the rest of the American Horror Story troupe and, as far as we're concerned, we'll be all over Denis O'Hare's glam Liz Taylor who we got an eyeful of when the cast teased a "dirty, bloody" Hotel. Ahead of tomorrow's big release, show creators have revealed a TV spot daring us to check in to tomorrow's season debut. And we have a feeling that for this first round, there won't be an empty room in house.

"Killing is awesome," says Evan Peters as Mr. James March, who originally built Hotel Cortez back in the thirties, in the above clip. And the elevator only goes up from there. Each of the main characters gets his or her air time in the 30-second teaser, culminating, of course, in the main draw of the series, Lady her otherness Gaga with full platinum brocaded glove and nail dagger. According to Murphy, the story revolves around an "ancient blood virus" Gaga and her ilk are stricken with, piquing their inveterate, insatiable lust for human blood. "It's not vampires," Murphy revealed, "it's really a form of hemophilia in a way." How she gets at this endless supply of hemoglobin will form part of her "nefarious plan" to be introduced in tomorrow night's episode and "play out over the course of the season." Welcome to Hotel Cortez. We hope you enjoy your stay. Let us know how excited you are for the Season 5 premiere!

Source: Twitter: @AHSFandom