American Horror Story Season 5, get a first look at Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga has been the main focus of publicity leading up to American Horror Story Season 5's fall premiere, and all that marketing has now come to fruition. The singer herself was spotted on the first day of shooting in a gown that sets the tone for the season to come

Despite boasting a killer cast including Kathy Bates and Denis O'Hare, it's Lady Gaga who's been spearheading American Horror Story Season 5's publicity drive ahead of the show's return October 7. Ahead of the release, new images have emerged giving us an inside peek at the Mother Monster's character, The Countess Owner of 'Hotel' Cortez. Gaga was caught on the open set of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's "Urban Lights" exhibition in a rose fuschia gown that tumbled to the floor and flowed in dramatic crests behind her. But the main point of interest for fans of the new season was the metal arm brace with corrugated nails we know so well from the very first Lady Gaga teaser trailer ("Front Desk") we saw last month.

Paparazzi photos hit the Internet late last week of the splendidly robed Gaga in a coat-and-tie setting that will form part of American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel. Speaking of the pop icon's involvement in the anthology series' upcoming instalment, show creator Ryan Murphy characterised Lady Gaga's Countess Elizabeth as "a very wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art and fashion and people, and she has a nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode and plays out over the course of the season." Check out the latest AHS trailer, "Do Not Disturb," for an idea of what hotel guests are in for next season. The rest of the American Horror Story Season 5 cast recently dished on their own characters, as well as storylines for what is sure to be a breakout season for the show. As for what Gaga herself thought of the first round of filming? "I say, I've died and gone to my personal heaven." Tell us how you think it'll all play out come Wednesday, October 7 on FX!

Source: JustJared / YouTube: Gaga Daily