American Horror Story Season 5, getting inside Hotel

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While Scream Queens let the blood flow free, Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story Season 5 will try to get into our minds and fester. Now, ahead of the October 7 release, set designers are opening the door for a peak inside the grand architecture of Hotel

Ryan Murphy has a lot on his plate this season, with the launch of horror-comedy mashup Scream Queens as well as making fresh stabs at American Horror Story with a series-defining Season 5. As with previous seasons of the genre-bending FX show, the setting and ambiance are as important as the individuals occupying the space, and location always has a subtle way of transforming into a character. That's exactly the sense we got when the American Horror Story Season 5 cast teased a "dirty, bloody" Hotel a week ago. In a recent walk through with Entertainment Weekly, Hotel production designer Mark Worthington let us in the back door and revealed why Hotel Cortez is unlike any AHS production we've seen before. Check out a teaser look inside in this promo trailer that pulls out the industry goth of Rammstein.

"This show is crack cocaine for designers," Worthington relishes. "It’s not just creating fun scenery that looks like a nice background — you’re creating scenery that’s a character." According to the EW piece, Worthington and his crew built the main lobby - "the Cortez’s crown jewel, complete with a second-floor bar and working elevator" - in only seven weeks. As Worthington slowly reveals, even the smallest of details have tonal resonance. Pointing out a column of venus flytrap carvings, the designer remarks it's "a little bit of a cheeky joke, but it’s obviously an image that’s perfect for this season and for Gaga.” The centerpiece of the Hotel lobby is the central staircase, which opens onto the carnage within and also links Hotel thematically to the previous seasons. “Every year in the main big set we have a staircase,” Worthington hints. “Ryan loves a staircase, and so do I. So the genesis of any staircase has to do with avoiding what has been done in the past." The EW article goes on to tease that the elevator the grand stairs were built around will also serve "as a key location for much of Hotel’s action." Will you be checking in to Season 5's Hotel?

Source: Entertainment Weekly / YouTube: Gaga Daily