American Horror Story Season 5: Glee's Darren Criss to play a hipster in Hotel

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Will the freaks be back for one more season? Well it doesn't look like it as Darren Criss (the hot one from Glee, for those who don't know) will be joining the cast of American Horror Story Season 5 as... a hipster

American Horror Story Season 5 is set to star supermodel Naomi Campbell, who'll appear alongside Lady Gaga when the show returns in October. What's more, it looks like the 45-year-old will be joined by another beauty, male this time. Glee's Darren Criss is also joining the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel, playing a hipster. That does make sense, since the series' creator, Ryan Murphy, was also the brains behind the wildly successful Glee, which wrapped up after six seasons back in March. It makes sense, then, that the duo are working together on Murphy's new project, but the real question is: why a hipster? Well apparently, hipsters have the potential to slot into pretty crazy storylines quite easily, which is, after all, what you need on American Horrror Story.

E! Online revealed the stunning actor will play a character named "Justin the Hipster", joining the TV show on its Halloween episode. Hipsters being what they are, Justin and his beanie-wearing girlfriend will check into the titular hotel for a night of romance away from the hordes of trick-or-treaters. Apparently, Justin will "practically beg" Kathy Bates' character (obviously the owner, the name's Bates, people) to make his life a living hell. That should be easy. With starring cast members including as Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett, as well as Helena Mattsson, who recently joined the cast of American Horror Story Season 5, it seems like this new season will be crazier than ever. Are you looking forward to seeing the show?

Source: E! Online