American Horror Story Season 5: Jessica Lange to return says Ryan Murphy

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Ever since it was announced that Jessica Lange isn't set to star in American Horror Story Season 5, everyone has been wondering whether or not she'll ever return to the series - and if so, when? Fortunately, creator Ryan Murphy has finally admitted that the star will indeed be back

Praise! 11 first look photos of American Horro Story Season 5 were revealed to our eagle eyes last week. Sadly though, the brilliant Jessica Lange didn't feature in a single one of them. as the actress will not be back on the show for its upcoming Hotel season. Fans of the series were left pretty devasted by this news, with many regarding the Emmy-winning star as the heart of the show across all of its four seasons so far. She will be truly missed by her fans but - prepare yourselves - all hope is not lost. In fact, we might just take a tiny moment to praise creator Ryan Murphy right now after he revealed in an Entertainment Weekly interview that Lange will indeed return to the show! For now, it's unclear when and how she will return to American Horror Story, but the actress is apparently as keen to make her comeback as Ryan Murphy - and us.

“I’ve been talking to her,” admits Murphy. “It’s always possible. I’m trying to deal with her play schedule. Jessica is always about the character. She’ll be back—she’s not gone forever. But that’s the fun and fresh thing about the show: sometimes somebody has to go away before you realize how much you miss them. She wants to come back we just have to come up with something.” Well now, this is all very exciting, isn't it? We already know Hotel will set in modern Los Angeles five years after Season 1, and as Marcy the realtor will be back, Jessica Lange well be back as evil Constance. Mare Winningham will also return as a laundress in American Horror Story Season 5's Hotel, in other good news! Would you like to see Jessica Lange back on the show?

Source: Entertainement Weekly