American Horror Story Season 5: Lady Gaga photos revealed!

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It looks like Lady Gaga is chanelling Jessica Lange circa Coven for her debut of the Countess Owner of 'Hotel' Cortez in American Horror Story Season 5. New pictures have caught Mother Monster in an eerie seaside setting with a similar black-gowned motif. Check out her protean look below

American Horror Story Season 5 is open for business, as Denis O'Hare's Liz Taylor has assured us in a series of Twitter posts. But little has been seen so far of the Hotel's central attraction, both on and off screen. Lady Gaga's Countess Cortez has been an elusive presence ever since production for the last incarnation of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story got under way. Up until now we've only seen vague, iron-buckled whispers of her role in Hotel, along with one, fuschia-gowned outing during the early days of filming. But thanks to a little on-set snooping, we now have a much better look at Mother Monster's character and what kind of maleficence she could be up to for American Horror Story, Hotel.

Recent paparazzi photos posted on The Daily Mail show Lady Gaga in her Countess role strolling along an appropriately barren boardwalk setting, far from any hotel or apparent murderous intent. Aside from her gothic black gown and matching parasol, the most interesting costume feature to note is the absence of her characteristic iron hand buckle that made such an impressionable debut in the AHS Season 5 first look teaser. Yet she still has her hands hidden under tight-fitting black leather gloves. Is this some kind of flashback scene or dream-like revery? The disarmingly colourful blond boy holding her hand as she glides along the sand may help to bolster this effect. For now all we have to go on is another ravishing look that cements Countess Elizabeth in her place as the henchwoman of the macabre. No wonderJessica Lange all of a sudden wants back in, as Ryan Murphy previously hinted. Do you think Lady Gaga has what it takes to take over Lange as the leading lady of AHS?

Source: YouTube: Gaga Daily / Daily Mail