American Horror Story Season 5: Lady Gaga shares a taste for fashion with the Countess Cortez

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Lady Gaga talks about working on Countess Cortez’s distinguished style. She doesn’t just put on whatever! There’s a lot more behind her incredible outfits on American Horror Story Hotel

American Horror Story’s fifth season is very bloodthirsty, with some scenes that wouldn't have felt out of place in The Walking Dead, yet what really stands out are the show’s glamorous outfits. This is not surprising considering the fact that Lady Gaga, one of the world’s biggest fashion icons, is playing a lead character. When creating Countess Cortez the show’s creator Ryan Murphy instructed costume designer Lou Eyrich to go back in time, to Hollywood of old. This was to highlight the fact that the Countess has lived a life spanning over 100 years.However there’s still a genuine Gaga spin on the Countess’ elegant style. When explaining how they come up with her outfits Eyrich told TVGuide: “It's more of a thing between Gaga and myself, where we will say: 'Oh, that goes too Gaga,' 'Oh, that feels like The Countess.’” She continued: "I kind of leave it to her, because she would know better than I what makes her feel like The Countess.”

Gaga is best known for her music, but she’s also a cornerstone of modern fashion. She’s made it very clear that she doesn’t just put anything on; there’s method to the madness. She told E! News: "Something that people probably don't think about me… They think I just go in there and I put on whatever's crazy, which is fine. But I don't do that. I go in with my script and I'm like: ‘OK, where are we? We're getting ready to go out hunting. OK, I definitely need my hunting glove, and I definitely would wear my hair up because I don't want to get blood in my hair.'" This new venture has stretched her more than anything else she has done, as Gaga explained: "People think I'm always putting things on to be provocative or shocking for the sake of it. But actually, it's not that easy to wear all of those things and to do it with poise and precision and to hit your mark every time, for a director. So this is actually really stretching me in a great way. It's like I have to take the things that I'm good at and make them even better, and keep them the same every time but still loose so that Ryan gets something really truly organic from me." Gaga’s transition from the stage to the small screen has been effortless and people are desperate to see what her character will do next. What has your favorite Countess Cortez outfit been so far?

Source: TVGuide / E! News

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