American Horror Story Season 5: Lady Gaga talks Countess Elizabeth!

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It's hard to pretend that the alternate title to American Horror Story Season 5 shouldn't just be Lady Gaga. Most of the news stories surrounding 'Hotel' have focused on Mother Monster, and now for the first time Gaga herself has come out to talk about her role as Countess Elizabeth

We're on a one-way speed train towards the debut of American Horror Story Season 5 on Wednesday, October 7 on FX. And over the last month rumours and stories have been flying around about Lady Gaga's role in the first post-Jessica Lange season of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story. But it wasn't until last week that we got our first official look at Lady Gaga and her role in 'Hotel'. Although she fulfills the bride in waiting motif with her back turned for much of the video, we got one fleeting look at her pale, exquisitely Mother Monster-ish get up in the last frames of the teaser. But for less official hints of the kind of role she'll be playing in the new season of American Horror Story Season 5, photos were just revealed of a lithe Lady Gaga sauntering along an ominously pristine waterfront setting.

Ahead of next month's release, Lady Gaga recently chatted with Entertainment Weekly to drop a couple hints about her first major acting role since taking over American pop culture, the one and only as The Countess Owner of 'Hotel' Cortez. "The Countess is a very old soul," Lady Gaga tells EW. "She’s extremely strong. She’s been through so much. It’s kind of impossible for anything to penetrate her. This show in many ways is about her survival and there is an amazing journey that touches on the mythology of viruses and in what way these afflictions change our lives and bring us together and tear us apart." According to show creator Ryan Murphy, Gaga and a few of her cohorts are possessed by a virus that drives their insatiable thirst for human blood. But rather than tying that into the tired vampire trope, these are very real humans with very grisly means by which to lure and dispatch their victims. "I prefer the term ‘ancient blood virus,'" Murphy has said. "It’s not vampires. It’s really a form of hemophilia in a way. There’s no capes and fangs.” Are you ready for AHS Season 5?

Source: Entertainment Weekly / Variety / YouTube: American Horror Story Season 5 - Hotel