American Horror Story Season 5: Lady Gaga teaser revealed

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It's been five months since singer superstar Lady Gaga revealed that she would be joining the cast of American Horror Story for its fifth season, but we're still unsure what to expect. Here's a teeny-tiny teaser of what her character will look like

As the new season of American Horror Story approaches, we've got mixed emotions. On the one hand, we're beside ourselves with excitement at the thought of what showrunner Ryan Murphy could possibly do with his cast to freak us out even more than they did last season, but on the other, we're equally terrified it's going to give us nightmares. Moving on from Season 4's Freak Show, Season 5 of AHS focuses on a hotel in downtown Los Angeles, where we'll see a number of familiar faces checking in, but as always playing different characters. Although this will be the first season without mainstay Jessica Lange, Murphy has explained that this time round, the series will be much more of an ensemble piece that won't necessarily focus on one character in particular. Returning for another season will be Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett, as well as Emma Roberts, all set to become more evil than ever before. Check out what the cast had to say about their character names here. As for Lady Gaga's character, Mother Monster, they're still giving very little away.

Every time we think we're getting more gossip on what Gaga's AHS character will look like, we seem to end up disappointed. Unfortunately for fans, this time isn't much different. The 10-second teaser, released by FX on Monday, shows a woman's hand - covered in silver jewels and with long spindly fingernails - reach over and press a bell, before the words "LADY GAGA" appear on screen. This doesn't really tell us anything we don't know, simply confirming that Gaga's character, Mother Monster, will be checking in to the AHS hotel along with the rest of the cast when the season airs in October. As for what we do know? Well, she won't be singing, that's for sure, after Murphy confirmed Gaga's role would be purely an acting one in an interview with Deadline. Aside from that, we can expect Mother Monster and newcomer Matt Bomer's character, Donovan, to appear in a few scenes together, as the actor recently confirmed the pair will often be on screen at the same time at the beginning of the upcoming season. Do you think Lady Gaga will be worth watching in the next season of AHS?

Source: FX