American Horror Story Season 5: Lady Gaga threw a cast party and it was everything

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Lady Gaga's debut on American Horror Story: Hotel has got everybody talking. But as if the fire needed any more fueling, she's gone and thrown the whole cast a lavish horror-themed house party, and apparently it was one hell of a soirée

We've only seen Lady Gaga's diamond-encrusted, long-nailed hand reach over and ring a bell in the trailer so far, but the singers debut on American Horror Story is already set to be the most exciting TV event of the year. With the Season 5 premiere date confirmed for October 7, fans are already counting down the days until they get their first glimpse of the pop star on Hotel. Creator Ryan Murphy recently revealed she'll be playing a rich countess called Elizabeth and teased that she could be this season's villain. They've already been complimenting her like crazy in interviews, but now the AHS cast have got one more reason to sing her praises. Courtesy of her Instagram account, it has been revealed that the Mother Monster herself threw a decadent cast party for her AHS colleagues, even going to the effort of dying her swimming pool blood red.

Following pictures uploaded on the musician's Instagram - including one of large wax bust with the caption "A party fit for a thespian" and another of countless red roses that were seemingly bought to celebrate her colleague Angela Bassett's birthday - tweets started to pop up from several members of the AHS cast (you can read them all here.) The first, posted by Murphy, read: "Last night I had a dream that the HOTEL cast went to Gaga's house and at midnight swam in her pool that she had dyed blood red for us." This was soon followed by a reply from Sarah Paulson (Sally) that said: "WAIT. I HAD THE SAME DREAM..." Kathy Bates (Iris) was also quick to jump on the band wagon, comparing Gaga's party look to that of Marilyn Monroe. Finally, it was the show's creator who gave Gaga her biggest compliment, tweeting: "Lady Gaga is everything I dreamed of and more. Lovely, a total pro, and TERRIFYINGLY GENIUS in her role." Wow, sounds like a heavy night. We can only imagine what a Horror Story hangover must feel like... Would you want to go to a Lady Gaga AHS cast party?

Source: Twitter: @MrRPMurphy