American Horror Story Season 5: Mare Winningham to return as a laundress in Hotel

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Every hotel needs a laundry, and that's especially true given the blood loss we've been promised on American Horror Story Season 5. Thankfully Hotel Cortez just hired its very own laundress in returning AHS actress Mare Winningham, and chances are she'll be privy to more than Lady Gaga's dirty drawers

"Do Not Disturb" warn a couple of fresh trailers from American Horror Story Season 5. It's likely Mare Winningham will be hearing these words more than a few times during the FX series' new fall run, with the recurring AHS actress was recently hired to do the show's dirty laundry as one of Count Elizabeth's underlings. Chances are she'll have one - or possibly both - ears to the wall of this sacreligious inn, if not having a hand in the sinister occurences therein. Winningham previously appeared in Season 3 as Alicia Spencer, the overbearing mother to Evan Peters' Kyle, before showing up up briefly in Season 4's Freak Show as the sister to Naomi Grossman's Pepper.

According to the report first brought to light by Entertainment Weekly, Winningham's as yet unnamed character "works closely with Evan Peters’ character, Mr. March," a bell boy with some sinister undertones of his own. Of course, don't let all that distract you from the major draw of the fifth season, namely Lady Gaga's twisted hotel matron who we just got a first look at thanks to amateur set footage. And the new EW American Hotel Story special edition will bring closer than we've ever been before to the inside of Hotel Cortez. Stay tuned for that coverage and more from inside Hotel. Have you booked your reservation?

Source: Entertainment Weekly