American Horror Story Season 5: Max Greenfield joins the cast

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The new instalment of the FX anthology series American Horror Story is set to go into production for an October premiere. And just as camera crews get ready to shoot, we have confirmation of a new addition to an already star-studded cast. Here's the latest from the mystery series

Riding high off of Freak Show, the highly acclaimed fourth season of American Horror Story, series producers are all about star power for Season 5: Hotel. As is evident from the title, the fifth season is set to take place in a Los Angeles hotel which, much like the first season's Murder House, will be terrorized by figures from this world and beyond. Following the previously-announced departure of series mainstay Jessica Lange, a host of fresh talent is set to lead the new series, including the much-hyped major TV debut of Lady Gaga. Now producer and show creator Ryan Murphy has gone to Twitter to announce the latest surprise cast announcement, and New Girl fans are in for a spin.

Murphy announced on Monday that New Girls' incorrigible womanizer Max Greenfield will be leaving his happy-go-lucky frat boy persona behind in order to take on a much more menacing role in the FX series. "Max Greenfield (like you've never seen him) is checking in to the hotel," Murphy teases, before adding definitively, "but not checking out." It is entirely possible that the world of horrors will be housed entirely within the walls of this Hitchcockian mad house. And whether more Psycho or Saw, you can almost guarantee that Greenfield's character will meet his end here. Besides Lady Gaga and Greenfield, Season 5 of American Horror Story is set to star Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Wes Bentley, Chloe Sevigny, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates. No relation to Norman. What do you think of the casting for American Horror Story Season 5 so far?

Source: Twitter: @MrRPMurphy

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