American Horror Story Season 5, new trailers warn: "Do Not Disturb"

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We've still got another few weeks until we need to worry about American Horror Story giving us nightmares again. But by the looks of the new teaser trailers, creator Ryan Murphy is trying to give us a little bit of a fright ahead of time

If for some bizarre reason you haven't already heard, superstar singer-songwriter Lady Gaga will be starring in American Horror Story's fifth season, Hotel. While we love Gaga as much as the next person, we miss the good old days when Horror Story hype was all about the gore and less about the glamour. This week, for example, we were graced with the news that Gaga had thrown a cast party, complete with blood red swimming pool and diamond chandeliers covered in roses. Although it did sound like fun, we're more interested in what the new season is going to look like than what kind of parties the cast go to. Unfortunately without a full-length trailer, our knowledge is somewhat limited. But what we do know is that Season 5 will be set in the rundown Los Angeles hotel, Hotel Cortez. Owned by a beautiful and wealthy countess (Gaga), the hotel is frequented by a mixture of junkies, serial killers, and celebrities, and soon becomes notorious for all sorts of trouble. If you haven't already been introduced, check out the stars dishing the dirt on their characters here. But with such a colorful ensemble, what tricks does creator Ryan Murphy have up his sleeve to try to scare us this time? Here's two new teaser trailers to give you some idea.

The first new teaser, "Do not disturb", begins with a seemingly innocent knock on a hotel room door. Give it a few seconds, however, and you're soon confronted with a deranged faceless hotel guest trying desperately to get in. Due to a distinct lack of features, we're unable to decipher who this guest could be, but by the looks of things he's pretty keen to see whoever's inside the room. Moving on to "Beauty Rest", the other trailer shows a glamorously-dressed woman lying on a bed. Again, Murphy wastes no time in trying to terrify us, as the woman is soon seen being strangled by a mysterious metallic hand. Hold the phone, doesn't that look a lot like the hand we saw in the Gaga teaser? Is the Countess the one causing all the chaos? There's certainly a good chance, given that we know her character is involved in a love triangle next season and that a cover of Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel plays softly in the background of the newest preview. We'll have to do some more digging on that one, so stay tuned for all the latest. Which teaser did you prefer?

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