American Horror Story Season 5 reveals character roles!

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There's a LOT to find out about the characters' roles in American Horror Story Season 5. Ryan Murphy and the cast dished on the upcoming season at the Television Critics Association 2015 panel and revealed LOADS. So who's in love with who? Who hates who? Find out right here

Glee's Darren Criss is set to play a hipster in American Horror Story Season 5 and he will not be the only one with an awesome storyline. Even before the start of the season, the cast and Ryan Murphy talked all about the characters' roles and storylines TCA 2015 press tour. To say the least, there's a LOT going on: love, hate, horror...everything we love and cherish in this crazy world. So get ready to see Lady Gaga portraying Elizabeth, the hotel owner. She'll have relationships with Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, Cheyenne Jackson and Finn Wittrock and to be honest, we wouldn't mind if Angela Bassett and Lady Gaga were to be intimate. Just saying, Ryan Murphy... Finn Wittrock already revealed that Lady Gaga "sees all of" his character Tristan Duffy. We might enjoy that too.

The character everybody's waiting for is obviously Sarah Paulson; she'll play Sally, who is sexy, but also a drug addict. She lives at the hotel and hates Iris — for reasons that are quickly revealed. Iris, played by Kathy Bates, runs the hotel and does crossword puzzles in her spare time. (True story). As for Angela Bassett, she plays Ramona, a sexy actress,who doesn’t live at the hotel but visits a lot. She has “a very strong, real, lasting, relationship” with Gaga and will probably be “at odds” with Matt Bomer’s character over “who gets the girl.” YES PLEASE. If you want to find out about every single character that was mentioned during the TCA, click on THIS LINK and search for your happiness. By the way, American Horror Story Season 5, premiere date was CONFIRMED yesterday. YAY! So, who do you think will be your fav character?

Source: TCA 2015