American Horror Story Season 5: Ryan Murphy is Lady Gaga's "soulmate"

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The cast of American Horror Story was out for the FX show's Season 5 premiere this weekend and, as expected, they said some tantalizing things about the upcoming season, including Lady Gaga calling creator Ryan Murphy her "soulmate" of gore. Allow us make your intro to Hotel!

This Saturday the cast of American Horror Story gathered in Los Angeles for the Season 5 premiere of Hotel! As they lined the red carpet, some of the cast members teased aspects of the upcoming season. Too little too late, as it turns out, since the long-awaited premiere is dropping on FX - you guessed it - this Wednesday! And as with the media blitz leading up to the big event, all the attention and praise was focused on Ryan Murphy's little casting discovery: a certain Stefani Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga - who has been raised to the heights in Season 5 promo art. “She’s amazing,” Wes Bentley, who plays the officious detective John Lowell, told Variety. “It’s not a surprise that she’s a great actress. She brings intensity to all of her work. She brings that to this as well.” Matt Bomer, who plays her on-screen love interest Donavan, told the Associated Press in a separate interview: "She's so approachable, she totally just was there for us as a person and had us over to her house and ingratiated all of us that by the time the cameras were rolling and we were in a scene together, we weren't thinking about the fact that you were doing a scene with Lady Gaga."

The queen of scream, for her part, reserved all her praise for the mastermind of Season 5's gore. "I am just so excited for Ryan and for everyone to see his masterpiece," Gaga told the reporters in the above clip. "I'm just really happy to be a part of it: I like being a part of someone else's vision. It's really exhilarating." She also recalled getting involved in the project and connecting creatively and spiritually with Murphy, saying: “I called Murphy on a creative whim that meant a lot to me and he was so excited right away, and that’s what I look for in people, is passion. I mean, he’s just, like, my soulmate.” We understand, after all that, if you just can't wait two more days for AHS to drop, so here's a crucial scene revealed from Season 5: Episode 1. Tell us how stoked you are for the premiere of Hotel!

Source: Variety / YouTube: @AssociatedPress