American Horror Story Season 5's stars dish on their characters

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As we close in on the fall season, more details are coming out on exactly who will be occupying American Horror Story's Hotel. In a recent series of Q&A interviews with TV Guide, some of FX's most familiar faces teased storylines and characters as we get ready to pack it in for Season 5!

Are we over it yet or do we still need to start every update on American Horror Story Season 5 by mentioning that, yes, Lady Gaga will be "checking in to Hotel." Thankfully, when the other cast members aren't all up in jitters opening up on Lady Gaga's inclusion in American Horror Story, they do have a thoughtful thing or two to say about their own roles in the upcoming season. In a recent Q&A hosted by TV Guide, some of the principal company members offered serious clues into what we can expect when American Horror Story relaunches on FX on October 7 - Lady Gaga and all. Yesterday we brought you Denis O'Hare's take on his Liz Taylor role in Season 5. Here's what the rest of the cast had to reveal. Finn Wittrock plays Tristan Duffy, a male model who's "getting over the modeling world," according to the actor, "and he goes in the hotel searching for drugs" where he's found by Gaga's Countess Elizabeth and her love interest Donavan, played by Mat Bomer. "So something of a triangle ensues between them." Tristan's "always looking for a high," Wittrock teases, "and he does start to find that high in unusual places - that might have to do with hurting other people."

Bomer, for his part, reveals that his Donavan character, one of the hotel's permanent residents, has a "very, very conflicted relationship" with his mother Iris, played by AHS veteran Kathy Bates, who manages the Hotel under the auspices of Countess Elizabeth. "That relationship informs all of his other relationships with women," Bomer hints, not least his already tumultuous affair with the Countess, leading to some "pretty complicated circumstances," the actor teases. Kathy Bates was also quick to jump into the word skirmish, revealing some deep shades underneath her otherwise "straight character." "Iris is her own hotel and there are all these different rooms that are still being opened" to reveal the murky underworld that lies behind. "She does crossword puzzles in her spare time," Bates offers, "because I think crossword puzzles are done by people who wait." To check out what the other Hotel guests had to say about the upcoming season, including series first-timer Cheyenne Jackson, check out the rest of the clips at TV Guide. Are you excited for this new cast of characters to take shape?

Source: TV Guide