American Horror Story Season 5 to star Naomi Campbell

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American Horror Story showrunner Ryan Murphy hasn't done too badly for himself recently. Not only has he bagged Matt Bomer, Max Greenfield and singer-songwriter Lady Gaga, he's now gone and got supermodel Naomi Campbell to star in Season 5 as well

As terrifyingly nightmare-inspiring as it may be, American Horror Story has had us glued to our screens right from its very first episode. Since the show kicked off in 2011, we've gone from a murder house to a mental asylum via a witch coven and a freak show, with each actor and actress changing characters each season. Dizzy? Us too, don't worry. Don't let the premise put you off, though: when it's not scaring us silly, American Horror Story explores a wide range of social issues, from child abuse and how we perceive mental health to racism. Unsurprisingly the show has received huge critical acclaim, and was recently been nominated for no less than 19 Emmy Awards. Creator Ryan Murphy isn't satisfied with stopping there however. He's still busy recruiting actors for next season's 'Hotel', and we're pretty sure you'll recognize his most recent addition.

According to TVLine, none other than British supermodel Naomi Campbell will be checking into the AHS hotel when it debuts on FX in October. Although she's mostly known for her modelling career, Campbell started appearing in films way back in 1991, doing both cameos of herself and playing other characters too. When filming commences next week, she'll find herself face to face with fellow star Lady Gaga, who has also been cast for Season 5, playing a character called Mother Monster (if you haven't seen it already, check out the AHS Gaga teaser here.) As of yet, Campbell's character name still remains unknown, but rumours claim that (fittingly) she'll be playing a fashion editor, who will end up paying a very high price for her scathing reviews. Due to appear in a number of episodes next season, the supermodel will have scenes with Gaga and AHS regular Angela Bassett, who will be playing someone called Ramona this time round. With such a long list of famous faces already lined up, what on earth is Murphy going to do next? Stay tuned for all the updates! Are you excited to see Naomi Campbell check into the hotel?

Source: TVLine