American Horror Story Season 5 trailer gives us our first official look at Lady Gaga's Hotel

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After months of waiting and frantic speculation, FX has finally released its first look into American Horror Story Season 5's Hotel. Not only do we get a sense of the look and style of the upcoming run, but the principal cast all appear in character. Only a month to go before the real thing!

How does that song your dad used to sing around the campfire go? "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." The Eagles may not be the most appropriate backdrop to Countess Elizabeth's Hotel Cortez, set in LA. But the new Hotel California has all the sinewy mystery of that classic song, with an Art Deco-Mother Monster twist. Imagine walking the corridors of a kitch Hotel built during the Great Depression with whispers of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. That's exactly what we get in this first look trailer of AHS Season 5, titled Hallways, which walks us through the labyrinthine corridors of Hotel Cortez like Bad Romance on infinite loop.

Hotel Cortez has opened, as American Horror Story Season 5's Denis O'Hare teased (in character as Liz Taylor of course). While we get little by way of plot lines in this first peek, some general motifs are established at the outset. The first is the theme of repetition, from the unnerving soundtrack of Gaga's intoning "hurry me" over and over to the pale children with bleached hair that recall the classic sixties horror film Village of the Damned. The second is layers. Each passage holds a different, slightly jagged tone as we pass from room to room along the seemingly never ending "hallways." We see laundry staff putting away the dirty bags, guests being dragged along human leashes, people who just seem to hang around, and always those suited kids with vacant eyes that could prove this season's enduring fixture, much like the one we saw accompanying Lady Gaga in photos revealed on the set of American Horror Story Season 5. Are you ready?

Source: FX