American Horror Story Season 5, will Lady Gaga sing?

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We all know Lady Gaga's famous on-stage persona makes her a shoe-in for the show stylistically, the big question that remains is, will she ever open her mouth to sing for AHS Season 5: Hotel? We may have just received our answer

Anticipation is steadily building for American Horror Story Season 5, where the setting will shift yet again, this time to a hotel. According to co-creator Ryan Murphy, Season 5 will be different from past seasons, following the departure of American Horror Story mainstay Jessica Lange, who had anchored the show throughout its past four years. The series' major acting draw for Season 5 is none other than Mother Monster Lady Gaga. With no major starring roles under her belt, this is Gaga's first big chance to show off her Tisch school stage training and make her mark in the world of acting, just as she has in music and fashion. That said, many AHS and Gaga fans are asking whether the Born This Way singer will have a chance to show off the pipes God has given her? In a recent revealing interview with Murphy, that question may just have been settled.

Speaking to Deadline, Murphy revealed: "People, keep saying to me: "What numbers are they singing, what numbers are they singing," and I say there will be no numbers," going on to confirm that Gaga's role is "a pure acting part," unlike anything the star has done before. "I think people expect that she’s going to be sitting in a bar in a white silk gown sort of singing songs," Murphy insisted. "She is not." Well, there it is. The Gaga we see will be the Gaga we get, and before anyone starts crying foul at the lack of melody making, they'd better learn to deal with it, 'cause, baby, she was born this way. But AHS fans can still take heart. According to Murphy, Gaga's part as Season 5 lead is going to be "bananas good." In a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight, Murphy reveals the role will provide Gaga with an "outlet to really dig in there and create a character," adding: "I guarantee the role will shock people." What can we expect from Gaga taking on the lead role of American Horror Story? Theories and predictions here, please.

Source: Deadline / Entertainment Tonight / @HollywoodLife