Arrow Season 4’s finale review, is this the end of Team Arrow?

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Arrow Season 4’s finale sees Damien Darhk continue on his mission to reset humanity when he launches more nuclear missiles. Can Team Arrow stop him and finally end the magical villain? Here's our review

Warning: This article is full of spoilers for Arrow’s Season 4 finale.

Arrow’s been a difficult show. Some seasons have been fantastic, Season 1 and 2 were particularly memorable. However, the show saw a huge drop in quality during Season 3, and Season 4’s been a bit of a roller-coaster. It’s had some brilliant episodes, notably Episode 18 which saw Damien Darhk escape from prison and kill the Black Canary. But there have also been some real stinkers, and unfortunately, Season 4’s finale fell in the latter category. We’re not going to beat about the bush, it was pretty dreadful.

Episode 23, titled “Schism”, saw Damien Darhk continue with his plan to watch the world burn, read our review of Arrow Season 4: Episode 22 to find out what we thought of it. Darhk seems to have a whole lot of nuclear missiles at his disposal, and in this episode he launches another batch to rid the world of humanity once and for all. And it looks like no one will be able to stop him, especially since Team Arrow has lost all hope. It’s up to Oliver Queen to rally the troops, as teased in Episode 23’s trailer, and deliver one heck on an inspirational speech, which will hopefully put the citizens of Star City behind him. He needs hope in order to defeat Darhk’s powerful magic.

The only real highlight of this episode was Neal McDonough’s Darhk. He’s been the highlight of the whole season. Darhk’s a terrific villain. He’s absolutely bonkers, yet you can’t help think that he has a point. His goals are very similar to that of the League of Assassins, however, he’s going about it a very different way: world annihilation. Not even the League ever went that far. He sees himself as a bit of a Noah, and Project Genesis was his ark, but the Green Arrow put a bit of a hole in that ark, well, he destroyed it entirely. And now that Darhk’s wife was murdered at the hands of Anarky, all bets are off. He’s going to watch the world burn, and he doesn’t care who dies in the process, including his poor daughter.

Unfortunately, Darhk didn’t get the end he deserved. It all just culminated in a frankly boring street fight, which ended with Oliver sticking an arrow in Darhk. All that build up, only to see it end in such an unsatisfying way. We never got to see the true extent of Darkh’s powers. He deserved so much better, and he was let down by a poor plot and lazy writing. It would have been great to see Arrow team up with Constantine again and take on the dark magician. We could have seen a Harry Potter-esque battle, but we suppose that would have made the Green Arrow utterly redundant, which he is fast becoming.

Oliver Queen himself is a bit of a problem. Halfway through the episode, Stephen Amell gets on top of a yellow cab and delivers a speech which everybody in the show claims was inspiring and uplifting. The speech itself was far from that; it was cliché ridden, slightly dull and overly long. We’ve seen the same speech done time and time again on this show. It's obvious that the writers were trying to make Oliver Queen a more likable character, someone who can inspire a whole city to act, but he just lacks the charisma needed to achieve this. His speech clearly demonstrates this. It also has us wondering who the hell would live in Star City. It’s constantly under attack. Insurance must be through the roof in that city.

Finally, there was so much talk of ‘darkness’ in the finale. Far too much. Oliver’s struggling with his ‘darkness’, Thea’s struggling with hers, as is Diggle. One of Arrow’s main problems is that it wallows in its own self-pity. The characters spend most of their time dwelling on how bad everything is. The only ray of light is usually Felicity, but even she’s been in a dark place recently. Also, the less said about those flashbacks the better. We have no idea why they are still persisting with them, because they seem to be going nowhere, but we’ll be getting more of them in Season 5. What did you think of Arrow's Season 4 finale?

:Season 4 ended on a pretty bad note. Darhk didn’t get the ending he deserved, and neither did this season!
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