Arrow Season 5: Cisco's going to make Diggle a new mask

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After leaving the team at the end of its fourth season, John Diggle will be returning in Arrow Season 5, and with a brand new mask from The Flash's Cisco Ramon!

Diggle had a little niggle with his mask in Arrow Season 4. It certainly suited the codename Spartan, but it wasn't the most practical of helmets. That's all soon to change though in Arrow Season 5, as Cisco will be fiddling about with it and come up with an upgraded version for Ollie's closest friend. The People's Choice Awards Twitter account reported the news, which was revealed by David Ramsey himself at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest 2016. Ramsey said: "Season 5, you will see a Cisco-created new mask for Diggle." Well there's no better way to tease Arrow Season 5 than a new suit AND a brand new crossover with The Flash! Diggle isn't the only one getting a new suit either, as the Green Arrow will also be sporting a new costume in Arrow Season 5.

So what else does this mean for the upcoming season of Arrow? Will it be affected by the events of Flashpoint? Stephen Amell has previously admitted that The Flash Season 3's Flashpoint could affect Arrow, but today clarified that he doesn't actually know for sure. Ramsey's comments here though confirm that Arrow and The Flash will be crossing over, and if a Flashpoint-affected Cisco is interacting with John Diggle, then surely John Diggle and the rest of the Arrow cast would be affected by Flashpoint too? Either way, we can't wait to see Diggle kicking ass in his new get-up! For regular updates on Arrow, click the green subscribe button below. What would you like Diggle's new costume to be?

Source: Twitter: @peopleschoice