Arrow Season 5: Comic Con trailer teases a brand new Team Arrow!

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Oliver Queen returns as the Green Arrow in Arrow Season 5, but Team Arrow has changed a lot since we last saw them. Watch the Comic Con trailer for Arrow Season 5 below!

Comic Con was rather eventful for the folks working on The CW superhero shows! While its a time to reflect on past seasons, it's also an important time to talk about the future and give fans something to be excited about. Over at the panel for The Flash the team released a trailer for Season 3 that teased a very exciting Flashpoint adaptation, but they weren't the only ones with a trailer. Over at the Arrow panel the team also had a trailer to boot, and one that showed a very different direction for Season 5. Check out the Comic Con trailer for Arrow Season 5 below! In the Arrow Season 4 finale, Team Arrow parted ways and all that remained was Oliver and Felicity, and Season 5 picks right back up from that with Oliver struggling to fight crime by himself.

We have to admit, while we thought Diggle had completed his character arc, we never expected him to leave the team. Likewise, we're really going to miss Thea and hope she gets back to kicking ass as Speedy soon. What surprises us most though, is that Evelyn Sharp is one of the new additions to Team Arrow. This is the girl that usurped Black Canary's mantle and the girl disgraced Black Canary's name, and yet now she's returning to the team as Black Canary. We're a bit dubious about the decision, but we'll reserve judgement for the Season 5 premiere. Wild Dog looks to be a cool new character however, and we're very excited to see Curtis finally become Mister Terrific. But who's the new villain that appears to be a cross between Deathstroke and the Dark Archer? We'll find out when Arrow Season 5 debuts come October! What do you think of the trailer?

Source: YouTube: @The CW Television Network