Arrow Season 5: Green Arrow will get a new costume next season

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As a new season dawns, so does a new get-up. Stephen Amell has revealed that Oliver Queen will be donning a new costume as the Green Arrow in Arrow Season 5!

Boy do we have some exciting news for you! Okay, maybe not quite as exciting as the news that Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl might be available on Netflix sooner than expected, but it's still pretty cool nevertheless! Speaking on a live Q&A on his Facebook page, Stephen Amell has revealed that Arrow will introduce a "a slightly modified version" of the costume next season. So will this be the result of an identity crisis following the Team Arrow shake-up, or is it modified for more practical reasons? We think they've got the suit pretty much spot on as it is right now, all we want is for Amell to grow out a bushy goatee and we're golden! The Green Arrow costume has, generally speaking, evolved as Oliver Queen has over the past few seasons, so could Season 5's Green Arrow represent the closest thing to the lighthearted Green Arrow we see in the comics yet?

It's unlikely. It's been announced that Wild Dog will join Star City's ever-growing list of vigilantes in Arrow Season 5, and given his brutal methods, it appears that Season 5 could be its most gritty season yet. Furthermore, the original plan for Arrow was reportedly that Oliver Queen would become the Green Arrow by the end of Season 5 rather than at the beginning of Season 4, so it's all a bit confusing as to where this next season is going tonally. It is possible though that this will be the last 'dark' season, paving the way for Oliver to be a much lighter hero next season. On how much longer Arrow will continue for, Amell said: "Originally there was a five-year plan but that relates purely to the flashbacks. I’m under contract for a couple more years." Clearly there's still room for Amell's Queen to grow even more similar to the wisecracking vigilante we know and love in the comics. Do you think Ollie should be more lighthearted this season?

Source: Facebook: @Stephen Amell