Arrow Season 5: Katie Cassidy to return as series regular across all CW superhero shows

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Katie Cassidy may not be a regular fixture on Arrow anymore, but her time on the show isn't done with just yet, as she's been cast as a series regular in the Arrowverse!

It's been a rough year for fans of the Black Canary and Katie Cassidy. Not only was Laurel Lance killed off in the fourth season of Arrow, her doppelganger turned out to be evil and it seems that Flashpoint won't be bringing her back to life in Arrow Season 5. It's not all bad news though, as following the announcement that John Barrowman will be a series regular on all of The CW's superhero shows, The CW revealed at Comic Con 2016 that Katie Cassidy has also been offered the same deal and will be appearing across several CW superhero shows next season, including Arrow! Cassidy won't be the first hero to return from the dead after having pretty definitively died, and will follow in (SPOILER WARNING for Legends of Tomorrow!) Wentworth Miller's footsteps who was offered the same deal following Captain Cold's death in Legends of Tomorrow.

Arrow producer Wendy Mericle said: "We will definitely see [Katie Cassidy] in 501, and we have made a deal with her across Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, so Katie Cassidy is definitely not gone from this universe." So in what capacity will Cassidy appear in the three shows? Could Laurel Lance's Black Canary return after all, or does the deal simply refer to Black Siren? Either way, we'll be very glad to see more Katie Cassidy! Supergirl star Melissa Benoist also expressed interest in working with Katie Cassidy on the show, so hopefully we'll see Black Siren over in National City too. The CW's Arrow, Flash and Supergirl will be having a crossover later this year (though unfortunately it won't be a musical!), and it sounds like it'll be the prime opportunity for Katie Cassidy to return. Are you excited to see more Katie Cassidy in the Arrowverse?

Source: Comic Con 2016