Arrow Season 5: Kevin Smith has a script idea which would help introduce Onomatopoeia

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Kevin Smith thinks he may have found a way to bring his creation Onomatopoeia to Arrow: Season 5!

Kevin Smith is very knowledgeable when it comes to comic books. He's written a few of them himself and most recently even directed an episode of The Flash, which we thought was one of the show's best episodes to date. He's written for both DC Comics and Marvel, and one of his greatest creations would be Onomatopoeia. He's been desperately trying to find a way to bring the supervillain to Arrow, but it's proving to be difficult. One of the main problems is the villain's tendency to copy noises around him, hence the name Onomatopoeia. It just wouldn't work on screen the same way it does in the comics. However, Kevin Smith may have figured out a way to bring him to The CW's TV show.

Let's make it perfectly clear, Arrow's in need of a big kick up the backside. Season 4 was a bit of a disaster. Fans were so appalled by the season in fact that they changed Arrow's subreddit to Netflix's Daredevil. We've already heard that a new villain has been cast for Arrow: Season 5, but Kevin Smith could be the perfect man to bring on board, and Onomatopoeia would be a cool addition to the show. During an interview with Den of Geek, the director/comic book writer/podcaster was asked about bringing Onomatopoeia to the show. “Oh my god, I would love that so much”, Smith replied enthusiastically. “I’ve not heard from anybody over there, even though I’ve talked about it in the press quite a bit and stuff.”

He went on to detail how he might be able to bring the supervillain to the show. "Yeah, I’ve figured out a way to do it that is kinda badass, and also connects to comics more or less. So instead of just doing the actual sound – which to me, in the real world, would be like the dude from Police Academy making noises with his mouth – he’ll just have little cards. Business cards that have typewritten words of whatever the fuck. So instead of him saying ‘blam’, you’d find this card on your desk and turn around and ‘blam’, he’d shoot you and stuff like that. Which I think is a little more chilly, you know, for doing it in live action." We like the sound of that a lot. Fingers crossed that Arrow's showrunners do too, because they need somebody like Smith involved in Season 5. Do you think Kevin Smith will be able to bring Onomatopoeia to Arrow?

Source: Den of Geek