Arrow Season 5: Tyler Ritter will be playing a new SCDP detective

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Tyler Ritter has joined the Arrow Season 5 cast! Check out the details in the article below, where we also speculate whether the rise of vigilantism in Star City could be linked to Flashpoint

There's been a ton of casting news surrounding Arrow recently. From the news that new DA and vigilante Adrian Chase has been cast in Arrow Season 5 to the news that Mad Dog will also be hitting our screens, we really won't have any shortage of vigilantes on television when we return to Star City later this year. The latest casting announcement is something a little different though, and for once is on the other side of the law. The Hollywood Reporter reported that Tyler Ritter has been cast in a recurring role as a detective in the SCPD. Captain Lance is no longer leading the SCDP following the whole Damien Darhk scandal, so could Ritter be playing his replacement? He looks a bit young to captain the police in such a brutal city, but it's not unfeasible.

So what else can we expect to see in Arrow Season 5 amidst the whole cast change-up? Curtis may finally become the superhero he's destined to be as Echo Vellum has been vocal about wanting a Mr. Terrific costume in Arrow Season 5, and intriguingly, David Ramsey has revealed that Cisco is going to make Diggle a new mask in Arrow Season 5. While this isn't entirely shocking, it does confirm that Flashpoint Cisco will interact with Diggle, which suggests that the Arrow characters will also have been affected by Flashpoint. So with this in mind, is Flashpoint the reason that all of these vigilantes have sprung out of Star City all of a sudden? Perhaps Flashpoint Oliver Queen is more Green Arrow than Arrow, and never killed his foes? We'll have to wait and see! Would you like Arrow to be affected by Flashpoint?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / YouTube: @The CW Television Network