Arrow: Stephen Amell says that Season 5 will have the most brutal fight scene in TV history

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Stephen Amell has confirmed that Arrow Season 5's first episode will feature one of the most violent fight scenes ever seen on network television.

Stephen Amell's hard at work training for his next season of Arrow. It must take a lot of time in the gym to keep the muscly figure we are so used to seeing on Arrow for a while now. After a bit of time off from the show, he's had a break from the constant training, but now that filming for Season 5 is on the horizon it's time for Amell to get back on the treadmill and back to pumping iron. He's already confirmed that the Green Arrow will have a new costume in Season 5, which we are really looking forward to seeing. The CW's also recently made a deal with Netflix which means that we'll be getting to see the latest seasons of our favourite CW shows on the streaming service sooner than before, which will include Arrow. You can check out what Stephen Amell said over on his Facebook page.

During a live video which he posted on his Facebook page, Amell told his many fans that the first episode of Arrow Season 5 will feature the most violent fight scene ever seen on network television. "Suffice to say that Episode 501 of Arrow has an opportunity for us to quite literally have the most vicious, violent one shot, which is where there is not cut, in the history of network television," said Amell. If that isn't enough for you, then the next thing he says will get you very excited if you're a fan of a shirtless Amell. "I insisted that it's going to be me, no stunt double. He says, 'fine, then you got to do it shirtless.'" He went on to say that Arrow's going to be "fucking mean." We can't wait to see how mean Season 5 will be. Are you looking forward to the next season of Arrow?

Source: Facebook: @stephenamell