Captain America Civil War, could Frank Grillo's Crossbones still be alive?

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Frank Grillo has teased that Crossbones may have not in fact died in Captain America: Civil War! Could he really have survived that explosion?

Captain America: Civil War was met with an incredibly positive reaction, both commercially and with the fans/critics. People loved the Marvel movie, which saw most of the Avengers have a great big fight with one another at an abandoned airport. The only ones not involved in this brawl were Thor and Hulk. Civil War went on to beat Deadpool to become 2016's highest-grossing movie in the US, which was well-deserved. It went on to break the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. After this movie, the Avengers are in complete disarray. Segmented, they are no longer a tight crime-fighting unit. However, before we start thinking about the fate of the Avengers, let's give a moment to Crossbones, who finally met his maker in a pretty memorable action scene at the beginning of the film. But did he actually die in the movie? Check out what Frank Grillo said below.

In an interview with ABC News, Frank Grillo was asked whether his MCU character, Crossbones, really did die in Captain America: Civil War. "You think he dies, don't you?" Grillo said, with a little grin etched onto his face. He added: "Did you see the body?" It is true that we didn't actually see Crossbones die, but could he really have survived an explosion like that? Near the beginning of Civil War, Cap and his team come face to face with Crossbones and his band of mercenaries. The resulting fight ends with Crossbones detonating his suicide belt in order to kill both himself and Captain America, but Scarlet Witch uses her powers to prevent a full blown catastrophe. It seemed like Crossbones has finally died, but we all presumed him to be dead after Captain America: The Winter Soldier and he just came back with some new toys and a Punisher-esque mask on. Do you think that Crossbones is in fact dead?

Source: ABC News