David Yates dishes on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them script

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We've got some time to wait before the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but in the meantime, director David Yates has been giving the script high praise, and spilled some details about the characters he's been working with

Everyone's had high hopes for the film ever since we first saw the magical trailer for Fantastic Beasts which took the world by storm, and more recently, director David Yates has teased the film in a new interview with Pottermore. Speaking about what to expect from the script, he said: "I’m so excited about this. J.K. Rowling was just inspired to set this movie in 1926 with a completely new set of characters. I spent seven years doing four of her Harry Potter films so I was desperate to read this script, but also nervous, you know. It’s a beautiful script; it’s really fun. It’s fresh. She’s got such a gift for creating adorable characters. These ones are special, they’re really moving and funny. You see bits of yourself in them, or you see people you know." Fantastic Beasts is actually J.K. Rowling's first foray into screenwriting, so it's reassuring to hear that she's got a good handle on things!

Yates also offered up examples of just how relatable these new characters are: "Newt is just fascinating. Probably anyone who’s ever done some sort of geeky thing will relate to him... And filmmaking is a geeky profession. Newt’s obsessed with beasts and cataloguing facts about beasts. When I was a teenager growing up in the north of England, I was obsessed with lenses and cameras, so I really get that aspect of someone who’s truly obsessed with something. I get it. And Tina! Oh she’s so adorable because she’s sort of so career-obsessed. A lot of us who work really hard can sometimes relate to that. Jacob is everyman, or everywoman, he’s pure and I like that. Queenie’s glamourous and somehow worldly but innocent. They’re so great." Time will tell whether this new trilogy of movies will be able to top the old films, but it certainly looks set to be a more refreshing take on the Wizarding World, focusing on the adults rather than the children. If you want more information on Fantastic Beasts, why not check out our guide of what we know so far? And for regular updates on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, click the green subscribe button below! Are you looking forward to the film?

Source: Pottermore