Deadpool: Junkie XL's score is a cross between Mad Max and Miami Vice

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Junkie XL, Tom Holkenborg’s musical project, has just released a song from his score of the upcoming Deadpool movie and we think it's perfect for the film! Listen to it below

Junkie XL may not be a name you're totally familiar with, but if you watched Mad Max: Fury Road last year you'll be very familiar with his work. Junkie XL (otherwise known as Tom Holkenborg) was the primary composer of the score in George Miller's Oscar nominated movie Mad Max: Fury Road. His score perfectly accompanied the insane action, and gave the film another manic edge. Lots of drumming and heavy guitar mixed with some electronic sound is exactly what Mad Max's score needed. Nobody will forget that crazy guitarist strapped to the top of a huge truck, and to make it even more spectacular, his guitar was equipped with a massive flamethrower! Junkie XL's music was the ideal accompaniment to that scene. He's also the man behind Deadpool's score and you can listen to a bit of it below (this particular song's called Maximum Effort), just to give you a taste of what to expect to hear during the film.

There's definitely a similar style here to that of Mad Max's soundtrack, yet if this piece of music is anything to go by, then Deadpool will have even crazier music. We've already seen things like wacky Deadpool X-Files promo tweets, now we're hearing the film's insane music. Let's just hope that they can replicate these 'insane beatz' throughout the whole film. In an interview with Junkie XL said that Deadpool “is such a fantastic, over arrogant, extremely funny, swagger-heavy, violent character.” Deadpool certainly showed a lot of that arrogance, swagger and humor when he asked us to be his valentine in a new TV spot. In order to do the character justice Holkenborg decided to use drums (both electronic and live drums), synth and bass - a lot of bass. The final result ends up sounding a lot like, as JXL himself described it, Mad Max crossed with Miami Vice. Hopefully his music can match Marvel's most unique, foul-mouthed and violent character. For more on Deadpool hit that subscribe button below. What do you think of Junkie XL's Deadpool track? Let us know in the comments below.

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