Doctor Strange, will the Sorcerer Supreme really help The Avengers defeat Thanos in Infinity War?

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Doctor Strange is coming and set to change everything within the MCU, but will the Sorcerer Supreme really want to help The Avengers out when Thanos and Infinity War arrive?

Doctor Strange is easily one of Marvel's most out there properties. Magic, alternate realities, parallel universes, different dimensions, lots of meditating... Doctor Strange is certainly very different from Marvel's other more conventional superheroes. No big muscles on show here. No incredibly scientific armoured suit will be worn. There have been a few green monsters though, but nothing like the Hulk.

Doctor Strange has never really been a team player. He prefers to do things alone and his fights are more than just who's got the bigger muscles, or the more powerful weapons. Strange is fighting things that are far beyond the comprehension of most of Marvel's other heroes. However, we've heard rumors that Benedict Cumberbatch's Strange will make an appearance in Infinity War, and that he'll most likely be joining The Avengers in their fight against Thanos. But we were wondering whether he would actually want to help Earth's greatest heroes.

Stephen Strange has a bit of a tragic backstory which could explain why he prefers to work alone. Strange's sister, Donna, died tragically in a swimming pool accident, and if that wasn't enough, his mother died soon after. This just made him even more dedicated to his studies. Strange quickly became one of the world's best surgeons, which caused him to become arrogant and distant. His father then fell very ill and Stephen refused to see him because he didn't want to see another family member die.

After his father's death Strange's brother, Victor, came round to Stephen's apartment to confront him about his awful behaviour. After a heated argument, Victor left the apartment in a rage and walked straight into the path of an oncoming car. In short, Stephen Strange's life has been plagued by death, which resulted in him becoming cold, distant and too scared to form personal connections with people. This makes it difficult, nigh on impossible, for him to work in a team, which would be a problem when we're talking about him joining The Avengers in Infinity War.

Moreover, Strange's battles go beyond our little universe. He feels that he's fighting things that are far more important than what's going on on Earth. Having said that, the threat of Thanos is much too dangerous to ignore, even for Doctor Strange, and his mystical powers would come in handy when fighting the Titan armed with a fully functional Infinity Gauntlet. Despite Doctor Strange's tendencies in the comics to stay out of a lot of Marvel's big conflicts, Infinity War will be too important to ignore.

It's not only the fate of Earth that will be on the line, but also the fate of the Galaxy, and with it looking more and more likely that Peter Quill and his Guardians of the Galaxy will be turning up in Infinity War, the movies are set to have a much more cosmic vibe to them, which would suit Strange perfectly. Hopefully, for the sake of the world, and the universe, Doctor Strange will set aside his ego for once and join The Avengers in their struggle to stop Thanos from causing complete chaos and destruction. Do you think that Doctor Strange will end up joining The Avengers?

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