Empire Season 3's premiere title revealed

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Empire doesn't return to our screens for another few months, but we now know the title for the Season 3 premiere, which is a nod to a prevalent theme teased by executive producer Ilene Chaiken

As the summer months pass by, we can't help thinking about our favorite hip-hop family, the Lyons. Following Lucious' sham marriage to Anika in the Season 2 finale, it's been said that Cookie will be completely done with Lucious. However that doesn't mean they won't still interact with each other. Lucious and Cookie have three sons together and are business partners so we're bound to still see the two work together and bicker. Fans can also look forward to seeing flashbacks of young Cookie and Lucious. We've seen them as young adults, but Empire Season 3 will feature teenage Lucious and Cookie played by different actors. It looks like we might see how the couple met and first got together.

Empire will be back in action for Season 3 on September 21, and we've now got a title for the premiere. The installment is called "Light in Darkness" and production on the premiere begins in Chicago in August. Speaking to TVLine about the highly anticipated third season, executive producer Ilene Chaiken revealed: "What we're setting up is a battle of dark vs. light. Who are the Lyons and how will they continue to define themselves going forward? Can they ever change? Is Lucious the dark lord, pulling them all in the other direction? And really, where does Tariq fit in with all of this? I would venture that if Tariq really is Lucious' half-brother, there probably isn't a good one and a bad one." The lines of good and bad are extremely blurred on Empire. We would never describe Lucious as good, but we wouldn't exactly call him a dark lord either. With the surprising reveal that Lucious' mother is still alive, it's clear to see that he is damaged and insecure inside, which is a driving factor for his actions. Are you excited for the Empire Season 3 premiere?

Source: TVLine