Empire Season 3 to feature young Lucious and Cookie played by other actors

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Get ready to see teenage Lucious and teenage Cookie with a whole lot of attitude in Season 3 of Empire as the storyline delves a bit deeper into the Lyon patriarch and matriarch's origins.

Empire Season 2 explored a lot of things from Lucious and Cookie's past that are majorly impacting their lives in the current day. The finale was titled "Past is Prologue" and unveiled a lot of skeletons that the couple would prefer to stayed buried. Take Xzibit's character Shyne Johnson for instance. Shyne knows about a job that Lucious did back in the day and with the Feds sniffing around, Lucious and Cookie must bring Shyne back into their 'inner circle' to keep him quiet. That didn't work out very well for them though, as Shyne ruined Hakeem's wedding. But Xzibit joining the Empire Season 3 cast as a series regular indicates that Shyne ain't going anywhere. In addition to characters from their past, we've seen flashbacks to when Lucious and Cookie were hustling, before Cookie went to prison to save Lucious' ass. But it looks like Season 3 will take us even further back in time to when the two were teenagers.

According to TVLine, the series is looking to cast two African-America actors to portray "Teenage Lucious" and "Teenage Loretha" (Cookie) to explore the leads' origins story. Here at melty we're extremely curious to see if Cookie has always been as fierce and feisty as she is now. As cited by TVLine: "Teen Cookie is described as a 'beautiful but innocent Catholic schoolgirl,' while Teen Lucious already 'possesses an incredible voice and his own sense of style.' Season 2 revealed that Lucious' mother is still alive. This came as a shock because Lucious wrote a hit song about her killing herself. Viewers got to see Lucious as a young boy, but to be honest we're much more interested in seeing Lucious and Cookie in their adolescent years. Last summer executive producer Lee Daniels spoke about an Empire spinoff centered around Cookie and her upbringing, which sounds intriguing. So perhaps this teenage Cookie in Season 3 will serve as a little test for the spinoff. Empire Season 3 premieres September 21, are you excited to see a younger version of Cookie and Lucious?

Source: TVLine