Empire: Shyne's identity to be revealed in Season 3

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The finale of Empire Season 2 introduced us to a couple of future recurring characters: Tariq is one, and Xzibit's Shyne Johnson was another. But just who is Shyne? Find out in Season 3

In the midst of all the other drama dominating Empire's Season 2 finale (i.e. Anika and Rhonda's glorified cat fight / Jamal's toddler tantrum...), it was pretty easy to ignore the brand new characters joining the fray. Tariq (who claims to be Lucious' half-brother) was one of said newbies, whilst the other was played by none other than American rap sensation, Xzibit. Shyne Johnson was introduced as an egotistical low-life in "Past Is Prologue." Apparently he shares a murky history with Lucious Lyon (not that we're surprised), but the juicy details of Shyne's true identity were kept under wraps. However, the time for secrecy has passed! Empire EP, Ilene Chaiken, was tasked with addressing the fallout from "Past Is Prologue," and her latest interview with Entertainment Weekly covered the mystery of Shyne: "He’s a very important character. Both he and Tariq are very much in the mix in our third season," Chaiken revealed. Hmm, what do you make of that?

She continued: "Shyne isn’t necessarily an adversary, although I think he could become an adversary. Lucious has a long history with him — history that’s going to come back and bite Lucious for a lot of earlier slights. If you have a guy who’s not afraid to die, not afraid to go to prison, that’s a very dangerous adversary." Just when we thought we had learnt all there was to learn about Lucious' past life following the reappearance of his mother, a whole new can of worms is opened. That man really ought to just join a chess club and keep his mouth shut... EW went on to ask Chaiken whether or not Xzibit auditioned for the role of Shyne, to which she responded: "We made him a straight offer. We were all in for getting him this role. He’s so good as this character. It feels like we’re really in it, and representing the world we’re purporting to represent." So there's loads more to come from Mr. Xzibit next year - what a treat! Will you be tuning in to Empire Season 3?

Source: Entertainment Weekly